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Hilltop Heritage Elementary School

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Project Details






85,000 Square Feet


Renton, Washington


Renton School District


Hutteball + Oremus Architecture

New elementary school

The new school highlights sustainability by incorporating a mass timber structure that creates a warm and inviting space for the students and staff. The school is the first mass timber/CLT elementary school in the Puget Sound region.

Project Highlights

Quotation Mark

"Hilltop Heritage Elementary is truly a special school with its unprecedented use of mass timber in the Puget Sound area. What a fun challenge, structurally and beyond, and we were honored to bring our expertise to the project. The team was amongst the best you’ll find, from having such a supportive owner at Renton Public Schools, a creative and thoughtful architect in Hutteball+Oremus, and a skillful and patient builder with Cornerstone General Contractors, it was such a rewarding experience. We all learned so much; so apropos for a school project!"

Chris Duvall, PE, SE, Principal of Coughlin Porter Lundeen