Woodinville High School, Phase I (GC/CM)

The first of three major construction phases for the Woodinville High School project consisted of a new two-story, steel-framed facility of 31,220 square feet, including a new commons area, full service kitchen, library, and media center. The new commons served as the “heart” of the structure that future buildings extended from in later phases. Phasing allowed a fully operational campus to remain active during construction.

“Detailed communication and collaboration with Administration was required to coordinate the many events and activities involved with high school. Cornerstone went above and beyond to ensure our project moved forward regardless of the adjustments required to accommodate our needs.”

— Vicki Puckett
Principal, Woodinville High School (now at Mercer Island High School)


Woodinville, Washington


Northshore School District


Studio Meng Strazzara

Woodinville High School, Phase I (GC/CM)