Ruby Bridges Elementary School (GC/CM)

Ruby Bridges Elementary was approved by voters in the 2018 election as a step toward easing the crowding in schools in the north end of the district. The K–5 elementary school  serves approximately 550 students. The site is also slated to become a shared campus with a new middle school, pending voter approval of a future bond.

  • Teamed with the septic designer to perform on-site testing of soils to optimize drainfield size and location, freeing up valuable area for the project program.
  • Leveraged subcontractor relationships in preconstruction to help plan the most efficient method for installing thousands of feet of horizontal directional drilled (HDD) utilities beneath wetland complexes, avoiding the need for the Joint Aquatic Resource Permit Application (JARPA) process.
  • Led the effort in the alternative subcontractor selection process for MC/CM and EC/CM, bringing on qualified competitive subcontracting partners early in design to help plan and coordinate the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems in a highly escalatory market.
  • Used wood harvested from the site as a design element.


Kirkland, Washington


Northshore School District


Dykeman, Inc.

Ruby Bridges Elementary School