Park Place Middle School (GC/CM)

Originally designed as a high school, the existing campus at Park Place Middle School comprised six main buildings and a number of modular classroom structures. The new plan was designed to reunify the campus. Construction was broken out into two distinct phases, with multiple milestones, performed on an occupied campus:

Phase 1 included an auxiliary gym and a new two-story classroom wing with two athletic playfields.

Phase 2 involved renovation of the existing main gym and a new wing for administration, arts, and athletics, plus a bus loop and parking lot.

Each phase of the project was carefully planned to minimize impacts to the educational environment. Cornerstone worked closely with the school to designate safe student pathways and access for school activities, including scheduling disruptive activities to occur after hours, such as power shut downs, switchovers, and other phasing-related tasks.

  • Provided thorough analysis of multiple phasing options to ensure the final phasing plan provided the highest level of safety for students and staff and limited disruption to the educational experience.
  • Worked with the district during construction to convert one of the existing science wings into a temporary cafeteria so the students would not have to eat lunch in their classrooms while the new commons was under construction.
  • Led in-depth analysis of unsuitable soils, including the development of a subsurface topography to determine whether deep foundation systems such as aggregate piers would be required. This effort confirmed that an over-excavation program was most efficient, leading to savings during construction returned to the owner.
  • Materials procurement was achieved within budget during an escalatory market.
  • Achieved early turnover of auxiliary gym in February 2017, six months ahead of schedule.


Monroe, Washington


Monroe School District


Integrus Architecture

Park Place Middle School